August + Miles · 10 in 10 Sessions

How rad are these two brothers? I met August a couple years ago where we ran around at home, played with a bunch of trucks and put together puzzles, so it was fun to finally meet little Miles and to be able to photograph the two of them in the studio where their little personalities could shine. 

Henrik · 10 in 10 Sessions

Henrik burst into the studio with his awesome 2-year-old energy and was so ready to explore and check it all out. I dream of having a fully built-out crazy kids studio some day for just this reason, so kids have the ability to bounce around and I can photograph them wherever their wandering hearts desire. :)

Olivia · 10 in 10 Sessions

Olivia got to the studio while there were a few other kids in there, so after seeing the crazy free reign I give the kids in the studio she was SO ready to jump around, throw her loveys all over the place and show me her most awesome screaming abilities. In my mind that's the exact right way to kick off a 10 in 10 Session and more and more while photographing kids I'm happy to let the kiddos embrace their inner crazy and really go for it. :)

Faye + Lucinda · 10 in 10 Sessions

These two are just the cutest + sweetest ever, and if you know their parents you know that makes total sense. Poor little Lucinda wasn't feeling well at all this morning, which explains her mean-mugging Godfather-like face, which I happen to think is pretty awesome. We got her to crack a smile a few times, though. ;)

I couldn't post this without also acknowledging Faye's amazing Mini Rodini dress. Great adult fashion is a little bit intriguing to me, but kid's fashion? Forget about it. It makes me freak out every time and Mini Rodini is at the top of the charts with their incredible prints. They also go perfectly with making crazy faces and throwing monkeys.